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Tressurge Supplement-Benefits Of Protein Bread For The Diet

por fiona basil (2021-03-18)

Maintaining a diet rich in nutrients and vitamins is not always easy. Protein bread is an optimal source of proteins necessary for the proper functioning of our intestines since it provides fiber and is easily digested, avoiding the damage that can be caused by the consumption of breads with refined flour.
Below you can also know a homemade recipe to prepare protein bread at home and make it even healthier. When this bread is consumed in the right amount and is properly prepared, it even helps our diet to work better.
Animal and vegetable protein
There are some differences between animal and plant protein. The one of animal origin, the egg, for example, is superior in relation to the vegetable protein or the powdered option.
Animal protein is rich in essential amino acids. Therefore, it must be consumed in good quantities. On the other hand, those of plant origin do not have all the necessary essential amino acids. However, the choice of meat must be organic and of good quality.
Based on your own needs and tastes, you may prefer the consumption of meat, fish and eggs, which are sources of complete proteins. These can be supplied to the body through a diet that contains amaranth, chickpeas, beans, sunflower seeds, nuts, which are of plant origin and, at the same time, help when there is a deficiency of these nutrients in the body.
Benefits of protein bread
The benefits of this bread are many, firstly because protein bread is an alternative to common breads and avoids the use of some ingredients that may not be healthy. Due to the protein, it has, it is a builder food, which helps to keep muscles, skin, hair, nails in good condition, supports the formation of enzymes, hormones and antibodies, helping in the regulation of metabolic processes.
The need for proteins is that they contribute to growth, mainly the development of children since it is responsible for building tissues and new cells, other contributions have to do with the quality of the muscles and the improvement of the appearance of skin and hair.
How to adapt the protein bread in the diet
There are no rules or restrictions on consumption, everything will depend on the profile of each individual. We must respect the individuality of each person, thus adjusting the nutrients according to the diet.
In terms of calories, protein bread is not very different from traditional bread, what changes are the ingredients that make up the product. The rule to check the quality and proper fractionation of food consumed is the most important point of good nutrition.
Since the human body is composed mainly of water and protein, it is necessary that the diet is not based on carbohydrates only, for example.
Protein bread recipe
• 200 g of rice flour
• 40 g of oatmeal
• 1 packet of yeast
• 40g unflavored whey protein
• 45 gr. sunflower seeds
• 100 ml of water
• 30 ml of coconut oil
• Sea salt to taste
Preparation method:
• Dissolve yeast in warm water. Add the oil and sea salt. Add the flour, oats, sunflower seeds and whey protein, working with your hands to obtain a homogeneous dough.
• Cover with a cloth and let it grow to double in size in about two hours.
• Put a little oil in a non-stick form and place the dough. Bake at 180ºC for 20 minutes.
• Ready, we can now have our protein bread, a healthy alternative to traditional bread.
• You can also make your own fiber , in this way you will have foods prepared at home in a healthy way that can regulate your intestinal function.

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