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Hormonal Harmony HB-5-Tips to hide gray hair at home

por fiona basil (2021-03-23)

There are many ways to eliminate gray hair, some more invasive than others, however with these tips you will be able to end gray hair without damaging the health of your hair.
Causes of premature gray hair
They say that gray hair is a reflection of the passage of time, but this is not always the case. There are men and women who have to start dealing with them from an early age for genetic reasons, which is known as premature graying, just as there are others who simply never see them. Various factors affect the appearance of gray hair, including the lack of melanin, stress, pathologies such as vitligo and insufficient vitamin B12.
Cover gray hair, a matter of taste
The decision to cover them or not depends on each person and is a personal choice. There are people who prefer to show off their gray hair and even color it with silver colorations to give uniformity to the hair, a look that by the way has been very fashionable in recent months, as you can see here in the gray hair trends. But there are others who cannot bear to see those pale strands in their hair and cover them no matter the method.
How to hide gray hair easily
The dyeing is the technique most widely used to finish the gray, but also can camouflage without resorting to it and do a natural way. If there are few, you can choose a tone on tone to preserve the natural color, you can try these natural dyes to dye gray hair. Now, if you observe that they reproduce and "clothe" a large part of your hair, you can ask your trusted stylist to design reflections, colored highlights or highlights that not only illuminate, but also hide those gray hairs that overwhelms you so much.
Ammonia-free hair products
When the strand is virgin, it is convenient to select chemicals that do not contain or need bleaching agents, so the damage will be much less. The advantage in these times is that the advance of technology and research have led to the development of products that provide maximum hair coverage without using ammonia, one of the main enemies of hair.
Choose good quality tinctures
Beyond the tonality, it is always good to choose good quality dyes and combine them with treatments that hydrate, moisturize, strengthen and revitalize your hair. There are shampoos, creams, ampoules and masks that, in addition to all that, protect from UV rays, add shine, smoothness and maintain hair color for longer.
Take care of your hair if you use chemical products
The care is never too much when we start to treat the hair with chemicals, dryers, curlers and irons. Do massages occasionally, do not subject your hair to high temperatures, do not abuse the use of pigtails or extensions and always seek the advice of a specialist. In the end, they are the ones who know what is best for your hair.
How to hide gray hair naturally
If you are going to choose to cover them in a natural way, we present these home remedies that will not damage the hair strands and will also cover the gray hair without leaving traces of it, avoiding damaging the hair in the process.
Coconut oil and lemon remedy
This mixture will make your hair look shiny and darker, thus making gray hair disappear, it is ideal for dark hair. It is a very effective home treatment that you can use twice a week. To use it you must take an amount of coconut oil according to the length of your hair, then mix about 3 teaspoons of fresh lemon juice and apply it from the roots throughout the length of the hair. To get a good effect you should keep it for an hour and then wash your hair with a mild or natural shampoo.
Curry leaves to hide gray hair
Another of the perfect remedies for premature gray hair. Curry leaves are very effective in darkening your hair, to achieve this you must boil the leaves in coconut oil and let it cool. After this you should massage the hair before washing.
Natural tincture with pumpkin
If you want the pigmentation of your hair to return to normal, try this pumpkin and coconut oil preparation, they will remove gray hair naturally. You should soak two pieces of pumpkin in coconut oil for about 3 days. Once the 3 days have passed, heat this mixture until it darkens and remove it from the heat. With this preparation now it only remains to massage the scalp very well.
Bhringraj (Eclipta Alba) with coconut oil
Try mixing Bhringraj (Eclipta Alba) leaf juice in coconut oil and applying this to your scalp and hair.
Coconut oil is widely available in the market. Many people go for an odorless variety, use it for any and all hair conditions, and reap the full benefits of using it.

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