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Rembalance Supplement-How can I recover from typhoid faster?

por fiona basil (2021-04-20)

Typhoid fever, also known as typhus, is an infectious systemic disease caused by gram-negative Salmonella typhi. This is transmitted through insects and is found in polluted waters of natural reservoirs. You can also be infected by consuming contaminated products of animal origin. Fortunately there are natural treatments to eliminate typhoid fever.
The most vulnerable people to develop this disease are children. Since they are in a growth stage, your body is more susceptible to infections and complications associated with them.
Read on to learn more about typhoid fever, its symptoms, preventions, and to discover some natural options for treating this infection and all the ailments and discomforts that come with it.
Typhus: symptoms of typhoid fever
Typhus has four periods of symptoms. In the initial phase, that is, 10 to 14 days, we have a hatching period. At that time, the symptoms of typhus are similar to those of a cold or flu, because the patient has a general malaise, a low-grade fever with a headache, and may even lose their appetite.
The next phase of the disease is the period of worsening symptoms, followed by fever. The temperature increases gradually over 3-7 days, up to 40 degrees Celsius. Headaches, muscle aches, and nosebleeds can also occur.
A characteristic symptom of typhus at this stage of the disease is a brown coating on the tongue. Also, a bloated stomach and low blood pressure can indicate typhus. In the next 5-6 days, the high temperature remains and the disease develops fully.
In the second week, the patient may notice the appearance of typhoid rubella, that is, rashes on the abdomen and chest. After the appearance of the rash, the patient begins to recover.
Typhoid fever: prevention
The prevention of typhoid fever mainly involves compliance with hygiene rules. It is important to wash your hands well before eating and not consume water without being certain that it is drinkable. It is advisable to wash fruits and vegetables well before consuming them.
Natural remedies with plants to eliminate typhoid fever
These are 5 very effective home remedies with plants to treat typhus and relieve symptoms quickly and naturally:
1. Cloves
Clove contains powerful antibacterial and analgesic properties, making it an effective natural remedy for eliminating typhoid fever and relieving pain that can be experienced during infection.
To make an excellent preparation with cloves, you only have to boil 8 cloves in 8 cups of water (8 cloves in each cup) for a few minutes. Cover and let cool. Filter and drink throughout the day for a week.
2. Basil
Basil is a popular herb with anti-inflammatory properties, making it able to relieve joint pains common during typhoid fever. This herb is included in many Ayurvedic medicines and is said to cure many diseases, including malaria.
To consume it, you can infuse it with tea or boil it in water and sweeten it with honey. It can also be infused with ginger juice or black pepper for quick pain relief. The antibacterial properties of basil help eliminate the bacteria that cause typhoid fever.
3. Echinacea
Echinacea flowers work to alleviate typhoid symptoms. It also strengthens the immune system and tissues, which is why it is considered one of the best remedies to fight any type of infection.
To consume echinacea, you must boil a cup of water and add a tablespoon of its flowers. Let it boil for 10 minutes to let the echinacea release all its properties, filter it and drink two cups a day. This infusion is better to drink warm, and not too hot.
4. Palo rosa or cuachalalate
This plant, which is of Mexican origin, is widely used to treat these types of conditions. Cuachalalate contains tannins, which makes it a perfect herb for treating wounds and infections such as typhoid.
To make a preparation with rosewood, the bark must be used both internally and externally. For this, boil 50 grams of bark in a cup of water for a few minutes and drink immediately
5. Carrot
This root can help you relieve diarrhea caused by typhoid fever, one of its main and most annoying symptoms.
Wash, peel and grate half a carrot and boil it for approximately 10 minutes in 100 ml of water. Add a little black pepper and mix. Drink this every day until the diarrhea is completely gone.

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