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Fat Cell Killer System-What exercises should I avoid with lower back pain?

por fiona basil (2021-07-02)

You are used or used to doing exercises, to being an active person and suddenly a back problem occurs, then the dilemma of staying in bed or doing some kind of exercise comes.
If it is yoga, the matter becomes somewhat more difficult due to the asanas or postures that its practice implies. It is certainly an issue that must be treated delicately, depending primarily on the type of back injury.
Emergency positions in yoga
Many yoga experts claim to have " emergency positions " so as not to abandon the practice of exercises completely. These are smooth and slow movements that help to relax the muscles without forcing stretches or trying to strengthen them, since the condition of pain or discomfort does not allow it.
On the other hand, it is imperative to clearly know the type of injury you have and if it is possible to alleviate it with yoga; Since in the case of a contracture, there are movements that can be performed gradually and harmoniously that can become almost miraculous in terms of relieving or healing the problem in the back. Much more serious cases can make yoga look like an enemy, since its postures could make the situation worse.
What types of movements are best to avoid?
Such is the case of the position called "Superman" which leads you to lie face down with your arms extended in front, very similar to the position taken by the superhero to fly, then you raise your arms and legs extended at the same time. Scientists have found that this position can damage the lower back, worsen an injury or discomfort, and even cause severe back pain and spasms.
Contraindicated is also the movement that involves turning the torso while lying down, either with the legs bent or straight. Experts in physical therapy indicate that it could cause injuries mainly in the middle part of the spine and to a lesser degree in the lumbar region.
Other movements can cause stress on the spinal joints, which must be taken into account when having a bad back.
To assert emphatically that yoga is the enemy of a damaged back is false. As mentioned above, it will depend on the type of injury you have, since in many cases the postures allow you to relieve and reduce discomfort. It is best to consult with the doctor to promptly evaluate the injury or problem in the back.

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