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Sonu’s Diabetes Secret Customer Reviews-What causes back fat and love handles?

por fiona basil (2021-08-26)

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Achieving toning the back with exercises should not be complicated, even more so if we know what the appropriate exercises are, and how we can carry them out to avoid injuries, and achieve a waist free of love handles.
The back is just as important as the rest of our body; There are many exercises you can do, but it all depends on your condition.
It is important to know well if you do not have any injury that can worsen when exercising, since the spine is very delicate, any sudden movement can cause serious problems.
Exercises to tone the back
Toning the back is not an easy task, first because of how delicate the organs are in that area, and secondly because there is not much muscle mass there, and most tissues are hard.
But it does not mean that it is impossible; You have to keep in mind that it will take you a little longer than the rest of the body.
Swimming is one of the most common practices when you want to tone your back muscles. It is the best exercise when you suffer from injuries in that area, since it does not exert so much pressure but in the same way it gives great results to those who judiciously practice the routines.
In order to achieve toning, this activity should be performed at least 4 times a week for no less than an hour. You may not see results that fast, but they will be pretty good. it also tones the shoulders, chest and arms.
It is one of the most complete exercises for both women and men.
Suspension exercises
It involves lifting a hand and a leg; and it is performed leaning on the floor in a doggy position (knees and palms on the floor), you are going to raise your right leg at the same time as you raise your right arm, you keep the position as straight as possible for at least 5 seconds, lower both limbs and proceed to do the same with the other leg and the other arm.
This you can repeat 10 times every day. You will be able to see that the mobility of your back improves, and you will not feel heaviness, therefore it is an exercise that in addition to toning the back, also helps to improve agility.
Face up, face down and lateral bridge
It consists of exercising a different group of muscles with each angle.
The first consists of lying on your back with your back completely flat on the floor, you put your feet on the floor and slightly raise your tailbone without completely taking off your torso, hold the position for 10 seconds, lower yourself completely and relax (repeat 5 times).
For the face-down bridge you must place yourself parallel to the floor, support the forearm on the floor and get up with the whores of your feet, hold 10 seconds, lower and relax (repeat 5 times).
And finally, the sides, here you must lean on the leg and hand that are closest to the ground, lift your whole body, always straight, hold for 5 seconds and lower to relax (repeat 10 times with 5-second breaks).
The Squats not only helps tone legs; They are also a great exercise for our back, especially when we do different variants of it. If you want you can start with a basic squat, for which you will need a chair with a back.
You should sit up straight, and slowly you will get up (always maintaining a firm posture), when you go to go down you should not sit, the idea is to be almost close to the chair but always with your back straight and looking straight ahead.
When you are in that position you hold for 10 seconds, go up, relax and repeat 5 times. To increase its difficulty, you can remove the chair and place a dumbbell in each hand, the weight will make you want to try to damage the straight position, and it will give resistance to your extremities.
The “Cat-Camel” exercise
This exercise is of great help to strengthen not only the bones but the lumbar muscles.
Although it is very simple to perform, it is an exercise that is based on improving control over the entire spine; You must place yourself in the doggy position as indicated above, first your back must be completely straight always looking straight ahead, then you will bend it down without touching the floor, and then upwards without getting up from it, in each position you must last 10 seconds.
Try not to force the exercise as you can injure your back. At the end of each series, you must relax your body to proceed with the other series. We recommend 5 repetitions to start.

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