Choosing Drugs to Alter Weight: An Informed Choice or Not?


  • Quazi Sufia Islam University of Dhaka


Urban Youth, Weight Alteration, Obesity, Awareness, Adverse Effects, Side Effects, Overuse


With the growing drug industry all over the globe and the drastic inclination of people specifically the youth towards healthier lifestyle, there has been a sudden upsurge of the usage of weight altering drugs. Previous studies have been conducted concentrating on the obesity rate and consciousness about associated diseases among the rural people of Bangladesh. There had also been reports on the adverse effects and lasting hazards on health due to the uncontrolled use of medication for correcting weight worldwide. This study focused on the majority of the urban youth of Bangladesh with a view to gather information regarding their current knowledge about the adverse effects of the misuse or over dosage of these medications. Resulting in 13% of the total sample being aware vaguely and only 2% of the respondents to be clearly informed about the side effects; the revelations of the conducted survey demands for further investigation and definitive effort to spread awareness to seek proper professional opinion before being exposed to any drugs responsible for weight alteration.






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