The Social Pandemic of COVID-19 in Latin America. Reflections from Collective Health


  • Edgar C. Jarillo Soto Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana Unidad Xochimilco.


The book is structured as a preface, followed by an initial chapter and three sections with three chapters each. The preface was written by Oliva López Arellano, a pillar of the postgraduate program from which those trained in collective health in Mexico come from (she is also the current Secretary of Health of the Mexico City Government), she situates the topic of COVID-19 in a conjunctural and historical perspective from the angle of collective health; in addition to synthesizing the approaches and contributions of each chapter. It is a significant text in itself with considerations where the theory is articulated with the reality of the Latin American context, leaving some valuable reflections open and many others with possible derivations from what is pointed out.


Camila Pereira Abagaro, Martín Boy, Roselia Arminda Rosales Flores, Javier Marmolejo and Carmen Muñoz Muñoz, La pandemia social de COVID-19 en América Latina. Reflexiones desde la Salud Colectiva, Editorial Teseo, published (coordinated) in Buenos Aires, Argentina-






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