Safeguarding Primary Healthcare: A Case Study of Barbados


  • Patricia Rodney Morehouse School of Medicine
  • Esker Copeland Morehouse School of Medicine


primary healthcare, Barbados, health system, Alma Ata


The concept of primary health care has regained prominence as many countries around the globe face rising health costs and failed health systems. This study examines Barbados, a developing country in the eastern Caribbean, which has consistently included the concept of primary health care in all of its development plans. Based on the government's stated commitment to Health for All, this review was conducted to examine whether this focus has prevailed. The purpose of this paper was to identify some of the advancements or reversals of primary health care policy in Barbados.

Author Biographies

Patricia Rodney, Morehouse School of Medicine

Drofessor, Department of Community Health and Preventive Medicine

Esker Copeland, Morehouse School of Medicine

Co-Instructor, Master of Public Health Program, Morehouse School of Medicine Master of Public Health (MPH); Master of International Affairs and Development (MIAD)






Original Research