Socio-anthropological analysis of bariatric surgery patients: a preliminary study


  • Julia Navas López


Using socio-anthropological analysis, this paper presents preliminary results of an inter-disciplinary investigation entitled “A nutritional and anthropological study of patients with type III and IV obesity undergoing bariatric surgery.” The medical ethnographic approach employed in this study has two goals: to study patients’ cultural context before and after surgical treatment and to analyze perceptions, representations, social inte-gration, stigmatization, and social control before and after surgery. The results show potential discrimination against these patients based on their group identification and a permissive environment; these ideas are manifested in the concepts of the “obesogenic society” and the “obese victim.” On the other hand, the process of medicalization provides a mechanism capable of both social inclusion and exclusion. The results of this preliminary analysis are informing ongoing work between patients and professionals in this nutritional study.

Author Biography

Julia Navas López

Profesora de nutrición y doctora en antropología del Departamento de Tecnología de Alimentos y Nutrición




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